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For 28 years of its work, the MEDVIN company has held over 300 international and national exhibitions of various topics in many Ukrainian cities. Exhibition firm "MEDVIN" is the only company in Ukraine that worked in 10 regions of the country: Kiev, Kharkov, Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye, Lviv, Simferopol, Yalta, Poltava, Odessa.

Among the projects of the exhibition company MEDVIN is an annual cycle of dental exhibitions in 4 cities of Ukraine, the program of which was developed jointly with the Association of Dentists of Ukraine, and now with the National Union of Dentistry of Ukraine, only in Kiev, they held more than 80; a cycle of construction exhibitions that conducted conducted twice a year in the spring and autumn in Zaporozhye, Simferopol and Yalta. In addition, 6 exhibitions "Auto + Service", 6 exhibitions "Computer, Communication, Management", 4 exhibitions "Food World" were held in Zaporozhye. Trading equipment ". Exhibitions "Auto + Service" and "Food World" were held in Simferopol. Trading equipment ".

Since 1999, according to the order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to the Independence Day together with the Ukrainian Association of Publishers and Book Distributors, the Kiev International Book Fair "Book World" is held. In 2001, two new projects were launched - the "Wine and Jazz Festival", which was held during the May holidays in Yalta with the support of the Yalta City Executive Committee, and the International Business Forum on alternative fuel issues and the international specialized exhibition "The World of Liquefied and Compressed Gas" , organized by the Ukrainian Gas Association, as well as interested ministries and departments of Ukraine held annually in Kyiv.

During its work, the company "MEDVIN" has acquired high-quality exhibition equipment, which allows it to cover an area of ​​up to 12 thousand square meters. gross At the same time, the exhibitions "Medvin" differ in artistic design. Ivan Ivanovich Kapko, the Chief Engineer of Exhibitions, works individually with each participant, who has a long experience in designing exhibitions in Ukraine. At the exhibitions "Medvin" practically does not have the same stands. In addition, the creative potential of the team and the capabilities of the equipment allow design and construction of stands, working on the image of the participating company. But this is not all that pleases the eye at the exhibitions "MEDVIN". So, it is rather unusual for Ukrainian exhibitions to look at logos of participating companies on the friezes of almost every booth, always a stylish and thematically decorated bar, where participants in a pleasant and at the same time, business atmosphere can negotiate a cup of coffee or have lunch. The exhibitions always have a lot of paintings brought from all over Ukraine.

In2009 and 2013 the MEDVIN company was co-organizer of the 31st and 35th European Convention of Fiction Writers "EUROCON - 2009 and 2013".

Since 2009, 6 times a year, a cycle of handicraft and hobby exhibitions has been launched and held - MEDVIN: Handicraft. GIFTS WITH LOVE! MEDVIN: Easter week of needlework and hobbies, MEDVIN: Handcrafted antics, MEDVIN: Handicrafts and Hobbies, MEDVIN: Handicrafts. Gifts for Christmas, MEDVIN: Needlework. New Year's gift. Over the course of these exhibitions, more than 30 master classes for children and adults are traditionally held, which is visited by more than 2 thousand visitors during the exhibition.

MEDVIN Company presents a full range of exhibition services and high-level service, because it does almost everything from the very beginning to the end independently. When you arrive at the exhibition you will find your stand fully ready and equipped to get started, you will be welcomed by the friendly and warning staff of the organizer who will answer all your questions and help you solve the problems. Moreover, the service of the company "MEDVIN" does not depend on the city of the exhibition. One of the main slogans of our company is "the capital level of exhibitions - in the regions."

We will be glad to see you at our exhibitions!

General Director: Zadorozhny Edwin Mikhailovich