Dentistry - Kyiv, September 4 - 6/ 2019

International Dental Forum and Exhibition "MEDVIN: Dentistry"
The exhibition is open: 4, 5, 6 September 2019. (10.00 - 18.00)
Warning! New location - of the ЕC "KYIVEKSPOPLAZA". Zhytomyr trail (m01), p. Berezivka, st. Amsterdam 1, Kiev, Ukraine Kiev, Ukraine

For 26 years, the exhibition company MEDVIN has held 85 stomatological exhibitions in Kiev and more than 100 other cities in Ukraine. WE ARE A RELIABLE PARTNER CHECKED AT THE TIME. Join!
EXHIBITION №1 in Ukraine More than 200 participants on more than 6 000 sq. M!
Manufacturers, direct importers, representatives of world leaders in the field of dental products: equipment, materials, tools, medical products, medical clothing, etc. Wholesale and retail. Consultation Demos Master classes. Seminars Business Partnership.
FORUM A broad program of events for the scientific and practical part of the forum

All exhibitions are accompanied by Lectures for a practical doctor named after Professor M.F. Danilevsky, organized by the National Union of Dentistry of Ukraine. And also, seminars and presentations from exhibitors.
As a result of training, all participants in the Lecturer will receive certificates.


  • (+38 044) 501-03-42, 501-03-66
  • Моб.: +38 (050) 358-75-92, (050) 380-16-00