ExpoDental - Kiev, November 2018

Dear friends and colleagues! We are starting to inform you about the preparations for the eighty-third international specialized exhibition MEDVIN: ExpoDental - the final exhibition in 2018 - which will be held on November 28-30 in the new building - Acco International Exhibition Center, in Pushkin Park near the Shulyavskaya metro station (Peremogy avenue 40-B)

As of today (9/21/18), 127 companies have already announced their participation in the exhibition. Exhibitors will offer you from 5 to 30% discount on their products. Free master classes and presentations at the participants' stands are waiting for you


СЛІДКУЙТЕ ЗА НОВИНАМИ У СОЦІАЛЬНИХ МЕРЕЖАХ. ПРИЕДНУЙТЕСЬ          Картинки по запросу фейсбук картинки