Training in dentistry from Denis Podilchuk

Denis Podilchuk

Venue: Acco International, Victory Avenue, 40-B, Kyiv, Ukraine (Shulyavskaya)

Training in dentistry from Denis Podilchuk

Denis Podilchuk

10.00 - 18.00

founder of the Service Day, endodontist doctor, Deputy Chief Doctor of Dubnov's Clinic, co-founder of the Ukrainian Endodontic Community

Program: 8 hours, 250 slides, 3 tasks What is a service? Why is it needed? The company is a world class service. Internal service (corrective conversation, motivation of staff). About fines and bonuses. Assessment of the level of service in the company. The cycle of customer experience is "pain points". Halo effect. Negative signs. Modern pyramid of the hierarchy of service companies. Selection and training of service personnel. Service vision. Analysis of the work of administrators. Web usability. Customer Reviews. Work with conflicts. Contemporary Marketing. Wow effect. Feedback. Many-many examples ...

Cost of participation:

When paid by February 9 (inclusive) - UAH 1600

When paying from February 9 to March 15, 2000 UAH.

When paying from March 15 to March 27 - UAH 2300

When paid on March 28 - 2500 UAH.

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